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clothing is POLITICAL

don’t even with me about costuming like i’m up in arms about everything but especially costuming

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Seriously Moffat





My female villains are all so different!! But they all wear black clothes, dark lipstick and up-dos. Why waste time in characterization when their looks can tell all you need to know? I mean you don’t want them being more than stereotypes, that would be so confusing to the audience! 

At first I thought those were all the same person

wow!!!!!!! nobody told me moffat became the bbc’s costume designer and makeup artist

yeah, writers and producers actually have no say in what their creations look like they literally only write the talk-y bits. they only conceptualize voices. writers and producers have zero involvement with any visuals.but anyway, fuck makeup artists and costume designers for making moffatt look bad :((((


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