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who is john. why is he locked. free him .



honestly why are all these marauder’s era edits portraying them styled like they’re from the 50’s teddy boy era or something

really if they wore muggle clothes it’d be more like



Nine Dresses

-Guinevere Pendragon

me when there are new katie pictures: katieee!! endless photosets of the same picture!! all the edits!! probably fifteen text posts about how much I love her! no tags!
when anyone else in the fandom gets attention: do i really have to blacklist their name? calm down. calm. down.

"I recognize that Arthur has made a decision, but given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it."


i have like a desperate need to find more merlin blogs to follow but literally every single one i find is just overly obsessed with merthur or brolin, like come on.


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hawkeye vs. deadpool #001

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Merlin AU: Magic Reveal

"I always assumed you would tell me when you were ready."
"I swear to you I’ve only ever used it for good, to save Camelot…and you."

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